I Write...So You Don't Have to...

After writing (and teaching writing) for over 30 years, I've learned this:  WRITING IS HARD!  Many people would rather gouge out their eyes with spoons (or attend a faculty meeting) than sit down and try to herd words from their head onto a blank page.

Give me a shout and save your eyes from spoons...

Ted Tibbetts

@Ted Tibbetts

"92% of your sales messaging comes from writing.  Let's make it GREAT!"

landon copywriting testimonial

"I thought I was hiring a Copywriter for my projects, but what I got was something much more! Ted has provided me valuable insights into my marketing and sales strategies that have been truly invaluable to growing my business. Thank you Ted!" 

LAndon slaughter

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Plate overflowing?

I can help you clear some room!

Webpage Writing

Website writing that reflects your company's voice and establishes your authority.


My high-converting copywriting increases sales while reducing your workload.

Email Campaigns

Effective email systems to efficiently (and simply!) market your products and services. 

Automated Appointment Booking Services
Automatically fill empty slots on your calendar with paying customers.

Praise and Testimonials

copywriting testimonial

The missing link! Since finding and using Ted’s copywriting abilities, a gaping whole in my marketing has been able to be filled. Not only does Ted ask great questions, listen and care about his work–his word art is incredible too! From creating whole pieces of writing or improving what I had already written–Ted has been my go to copywriter/editor since our first task!

josh lenz, missouri

Ted’s helped me write both content and copy.  With his help I’ve been able to create more products, get more eyes on offers and make more sales.  Really, I can just get much more done than I could have on my own.  He's efficient, reliable, well-versed in sales copy, and quick to understand (and put into motion!) my ideas.  He's been a valuable asset to my team!

Miles Beckler, Washington

I've been writing all the sales copy for our business and was worried my take was getting repetitive and possibly stale.  I wanted to bring someone else in to write my next sales letter because I wanted a fresh take with new hooks, angles, bullets, ideas etc...  It was a no-brainer to go with Ted.  I had seen copy he had written for other people in other niches and I was impressed every time. Working with him was a breeze.  Fun to talk to and a great communicator.  He clearly did thorough research on my niche and that shined through in the copy.  His copywriting chops are also strong as all the key techniques were weaved in well including a bit of humor at key times.  I got exactly what I was hoping for.  Thanks Ted!  Look forward to working with you again.


copywriting testimonial

I hired Ted to jazz up some copy that I had done for a new membership website and I'm stoked!  His work  was freakin' awesome! Even though I've studied copywriting myself, and thought I did a pretty good job, I wanted to split test another page, plus, it never hurts to have another version.  Obviously Ted has a way with words and pulling the emotion out of the written word..  HIs copy is much better than mine and I couldn't be more pleased!  Plus, he's easy to work with and takes the time to give copywriting tips and suggestions if needed.  He will be my "go-to-guy for other copywriting projects for sure!


About Ted

Ted is a copywriter, whitewater paddler, and recovering English teacher.  After years of writing, teaching writing, and evaluating writing, he started crafting sales copy.  When friends and colleagues started saying, "Dude, this is really good...can you write some stuff for me?" he began studying the great copywriters and writing for others. His work saves many from the agony of wanting to hurl their computers through closed windows.