Hi, I’m Ted.

And I’m all about experiences.

I built my own house and converted a school bus into an RV.

I’ve ridden in a Russian ambulance and cliff-dived in Chile.

I spent two summers as a Shakespearean actor.

Now summers find me guiding Class V whitewater.

I taught writing for 30 years in a high school classroom.

Coached football and wrestling.

And what this means for you is this:

No matter what your business does, I can relate.

I understand the finer points of hip rafters, the significance of goat milk enzymes and the nuances of finishing hops in a tasty pint.

I enjoy making connections with people...and connecting businesses with customers.

It doesn’t matter if they are Northern Maine rednecks or Southern Cal avocado aficionados...I can relate.

Which is the secret to great copy:  aligning YOUR solution to THEIR problem in a way that resonates with THEM.

And after three decades teaching writing, I can help you transform your rough ideas into powerful copy that will increase your sales and strengthen your business.

Give me a call today and let’s get started!