Project:  Social Media and Email Marketing

Client:  Ledgeway Farm

The Backstory:  Sarah at Ledgeway Farm produced outstanding goat milk products.  The demands of running a farm and producing premium artisan products, however, left her no time for marketing

I created a marketing plan involving social media posting, a social media advertising campaign, and an e-mail campaign.  At the time of this writing Ledgeway Farm gross sales have increased 97% from last year.

Facebook Ad #1

Facebook Ad #2

Facebook Ad #3

goat milk Facebook ad
Sarah copywriting client


I am a farmer and a soap maker, I love what I do, and I’m really good at it. But when I turned my loves into a business I needed help with the things that I’m not really good at, like marketing.

Sitting down to email campaigns, social media posts, SEO results were brutally painstaking – not only was I horrible at it, but I spent A LOT of time being horrible at it.

That’s when I discovered Ted.

Since handing the marketing side of my business over to Ted my online sales have grown 96% compared to last year. (I know right?!! 96%!) Ted’s dedication and enthusiasm for my business is exciting, he communicates my visions and values as if it were me writing it myself, and he stays in close contact with me every step of the way. He’s down to earth approach, knowledge in marketing, and electric personality produced more results than I could have ever imagined.

Bringing Ted on board was the best financial decision I’ve made.

Sarah Perkins Owner